Mar 13

How to Add Contacts Whatsapp for PC

WhatsApp for PC has gained plenty of followers especially since the standard mobile service has reached a limit of over 450 million active users in the whole world. It is worth mentioning the fact that the developers did not offer anything official in this respect mostly because the service was designed exclusively for mobile devices.

whatsapp for pcNow, with the help of Bluestacks an additional Android emulator, users are able to download and install WhatsApp for PC without any other problems or costs. The whole process is actually pretty simple, especially if you are already accustomed to these things. As a matter of fact, Bluestacks is installed in the same way as any other Windows application. You just download it and then double click on it in order to run the exe. file. Once the program is installed, you will find it easy to search for apps and tweaks within its categories. As a matter of fact, Bluestacks is pretty much the same as the Play store. The only difference is that Bluestacks is designed for desktop computers while Play Store for mobile devices.

Returning to Whatsapp for PC, all you have to do is to launch Bluestacks and search for Whatsapp using the Search icon. Once you find it, just click on it in order to download and install the messaging service. Normally, this will take up to 10 or 15 minutes, but afterwards, you will be able to send messages and receive photos right on your Windows computer using the Whatsapp for PC.

It is worth mentioning the fact that you will have to provide a valid phone number. This will grant you access over the application. Once the number if verified, you can see the Whatsapp home screen. However, this will not bring you the contacts you want. Here, I want to show you how you can add contacts to Whatsapp for PC.

How to Add Contacts to Whatsapp on Windows

1. Click on the menu icon in the lower left side.

2. At this point, new windows will display four different options, and you will have to select the second one. This will show the contact list.

3. Next, a new message box will be revealed and you will see the “New Contact” button. Click on it and enter the information required for each contact such as phone number, name, and details. When all fields are completed, just click on “Done” in order to finish the process. This is all. You need to repeat the process for each one of your contacts.

On the other hand, you can create a backup for your contacts using the Google account. In this way, when you synchronize your Bluestacks account with your Google play account. This is possible when you use the same number for Whatsapp on Windows as you use on your mobile Whatsapp. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that in this case, you will have to re-verify the phone number each time you launch Whatsapp on PC or on Mobile.

Feb 12

Is Untethered iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Possible?

The fact that Apple releases firmware files, which are not open to the public, creates high expectation regarding the moment when iOS 7.1 will come on the market. Because the company tries hard to fix any bug and problems that can appear in the system, aiming to create a bullet-proof os might mean that the iOS 7.1 untethered jailbreak which is expected by many Apple devices’ lovers who plan to try the future iOS 7.1, becomes impractical.

A while ago, the first ever public iOS 7 untethered jailbreak was released, being compatible with all new devices launched by Apple. Therefore, users had the possibility to jailbreak not only the two new iPhones, but also the two new iPads, as well as the other Apple devices that support iOS7. However, releasing the jailbreak iOS 7.1 untethered seems a bit far away, even though Apple is predicted to offer the iOS 7.1 to the public as soon as spring arrives.

jailbreak iOS 7.1

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Not Available Soon

Recently, Apple offered iOS 7 beta 4 to registered developers, in order for them to begin downloading the latest firmware on their devices and start searching for bugs or issues that might need to be resolved.

Apple seems to be improving its operating system every time a renewal is delivered, although there has been no major update to practically change users’ devices. However, as iOS 7 has been improved a couple of times, being tested as beta not only once, the iOS 7.1 is expected to be spectacular. In addition, it is also anticipated to be making jailbreak iOS 7.1 untethered extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Since now the hackers have to scrub for vulnerabilities in the software, rather than using a hardware based exploit, finding what they are searching for becomes awfully difficult.  In addition, even though in the iOS 7 beta 4 the code sign bug used by evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak appears to be present, the kernel exploit appears to have been patched, according to a famous jailbreak developer’s statement.

In conclusion, jailbreak iOS 7.1 Untethered, although desired by many iOS fans, is not expected to be available soon.

Jan 28

Your IPhone Repair Service Can Help You Solve These Common Issues And More.

20If you’re intending to utilize an offsite iPhone repair service, among probably the most significant things would be to be arranged and simply take stock of stuff you expect from your iPhone repair service.

Your iPhone repair service will let you know to record symptoms as succinctly as you possibly can. The following is just a summary of the very common iPhone Therefore you get a great concept about what may be the issue together with your device ailments.

The most typical ailment is needless to say is really a chipped or cracked glass display. This may initially maybe not appear like much, but because it’s glass the crack could keep growing and consequently should be dealt with early. It’ll change your touch sensitivity should you leave this a long time along with the back-light might quit functioning.

The iPhone also includes a battery that’s vulnerable to malfunctions. Because the battery is part of the sealed in the unit in the rear of the telephone replacing the battery is considerably more complex than in other telephones. With this, you’ll either need a quite complete DIY video or it could only be easier to either send your telephone in or telephone your iPhone repair service House. The very best is an iPhone repair service Therefore you may do yourself to it which will sell you the parts along with grant access to you towards the appropriate video.

The 3rd big problem area may be the mike. This can be a hint the mic isn’t functioning, if you’re getting continuous complains the individual on the opposite side can-not hear you.

Recall you will require a reputed, if while tackling these difficulties you believe you want to complete it DIY iPhone Fix service for authentic guide videos and components that may empower one to do the task right. Should you maybe not possess a dependable iPhone Fix service you May wind up along with a telephone that’s irreparable due to your tinkering and all its info is lost.  This is actually the form of guidance a dependable iPhone repair service will Have the ability to provide you so you could get your iPhone in of the same quality as new state as you possibly can.

Dec 21

Iphone Docks Starts New Horizons to Numerous Companies

IPhone docks are as advanced because the Iphone itself is. Seems like different businesses decided to market their docks utilizing the manufacturer strength of Iphone, and they’re doing amazing. Iphone docks are available in two varieties; one which is branded by Apple, as well as another kind, which are in-fact more innovative and alluring but other businesses are making it.iPhone3G Docks which come from Apple are of two varieties. Both Double dock and Iphone dock connect the Iphone, are made to charge, and sell under exactly the same cost.

Within the immediate past, Iphone docks weren’t as ostentatious furthermore they weren’t especially well-equipped and as they’re today. Today both Iphone dock and Double dock come with power and Hardware adapter. Both these docks are shiny white in color and seems like among the common products from Apple family. To the flip side, distinct others are also making docks for Iphone that are alluring and considerably showy in terms of the look and prognosis of the docks is involved. Iphone has been taken by different electronic companies to another stage.

Everyone understands that Apple’s merchandise like Ipod and Iphone have altered the way that people consider listening to songs. Today different businesses want to integrate Iphone somehow for their goods to fortify their merchandise. Among the illustrations is Logitech, that’s offering loudspeaker with Iphone dock; therefore it may be charged when you’re playing music on these types of huge loudspeakers though your Iphone docked between your loudspeakers.

Yet another instance may be the Sparkz Pier projector that is an egg, formed forecasted with Iphone pier. The projector in addition has a battery inside which likewise provides the capacity to Iphone when docked into it. The task also includes a tripod and additional accessories like wall charger. Sparkz pier too is a cool-mobile apparatus that may really impress your customers too.

There’s another pier that includes an exterior hard-drive in addition to a Hardware hub by Buffalo technologies. Envision the functionality of the pier, which includes a hard disk drive of 500GB. Just how much info will you be able to keep within your hard drive through this pier? The business name of the pier is Dualie, and it’ll be shortly available at Apple shop available. Last but certainly not the very least is one of the best docks called I-Net that includes a pier plus a charger.

But, the most notable factor within this pier is its 8-Inch display by which you may search as well as see movies from your own Iphone when it’s being docked in I-Net. Additionally, the same display may be utilized like a digital time or digital body for graphics. The unit pops up with 1GB in assemble storage and additionally, it may function as a Web Radio. Nonetheless, the largest defect within this I-Net might be it doesn’t include loudspeakers and Iphone ‘s loudspeaker must be utilized for sound output. But nonetheless it’s among the most advanced docks. Please follow that hyperlink, if you need to see a little more about the attributes.

Nov 06

Jailbreak 6.0.1 is now available

When Apple released their newest firmware, namely the iOS 6, many users hurried to upgrade their devices. What it great is the fact that they do not need to wait that long before that can jailbreak their devices. Fortunately, developers from the Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team hurried to release a jailbreak tool. In this way, RedSnow and Absinthe were easily updated in order to perform jailbreak 6.0 on A4 devices running on iOS 6. Whether you choose to use Absinthe or RedSnow for jailbreaking your devices, things are pretty much the same. You will get only a tethered jailbreak for now. What is great is the fact that we will have access over Cydia. As you know, in the past, when the first jailbreak beta version was released for iOS 6, Cydia was not included and you needed to install an alternative package.

To make things clear, jailbreak 6.0.1 is now available only for iPhone 3GS/4/4S, and iPod Touch 4th generation. For all newer devices such as iPad 2/3, iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5th generation, you need to wait a little bit longer before jailbreak will be possible. However, as I mentioned earlier, this is only a tethered jailbreak, which means that you need to perform the last step of the jailbreak process each time when your device runs out of battery or you choose to shut it down. When tethered jailbreak is performed, the device needs to boot in a jailbreak mode each time when you turn it on. This is possible only with the help of the tool you used. Whether you choose RedSnow or Absinthe to perform jailbreak 6.0.1, you will see that the process is quite simple. It will take only several minutes and then you will have a brand new jailbroken device to use.

Jailbreaking offers us complete and unconditioned freedom over our Apple devices in order to perform the changes you need.

Sep 03

Recommending Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak

If you are an iPhone user, you probably know what jailbreak is as you also know that there are two kinds of it. I am talking about tethered and untethered jailbreak. For those who have no idea what I am talking about let me inform you that a tethered jailbreak is the one that doesn’t allow your device to reboot if you turn it off without the use of a computer while an untethered jailbreak means that you can turn off your device and reboot without using a computer.

Today I am going to talk about jailbreaking the iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4S, recommending Absinthe 2.0 for an untethered jailbreak.

The first thing you have to do in order to start jailbreaking your iPhone is to download Absinthe 2.0, open it and then plug in your iDevice. After these three steps have been done, you need to click the “Jailbreak” button on Absinthe. Do nothing else until the progress bar is fully loaded and only after running Absinthe, open the app. After the loading is completed, you iPhone restarts and once it boots up it should be jailbroken. It doesn’t seem hard at all, does it? I guess the Dev-Team made things very easy for us to be able to jailbreak our devices in an easy manner and then for using the best Cydia apps that are available.

Well that should be it, for today! The only thing I have left to say is that I have an advice for all of you who are going to do a jailbreak: Don’t forget to make a backup of your device before starting this process! Don’t get me wrong it is not unsafe and there aren’t expected any issues , but I am saying this, just in case something goes wrong.

Aug 29

Essential details about an iPhone case

The iPhone is coming to be more innovative with every brand-new release. The latest version of the iPhone has many attributes that users of the first generation iPhone will have never ever even dreamed pertaining to. However, there is one part regarding this Smartphone that has actually not strengthened at all from the beginning.

The most recent iPhones have a lot even more glass as well as watching location than the previous variations. This makes the phones much more vulnerable to damages. While the electronics products as well as other parts of the device are long lasting, the monitor would certainly not be able to survive shock past a certain point.

Going down the phone onto a challenging area, or dropping a substantial thing on the phone could quickly break the glass to parts. It is pointed out those third-party providers that supply equipment warranty for the gadget stated an 82 % rise in display damage. This shows that the current generation of iPhones needs a lot more security than ever previously.

First of all, seek a cover that makes your Smartphone waterproof. With this degree of defense, you must not be exceptionally worried concerning putting the coffee cup as well as your phone beside each other.

If you are a water sport enthusiast, a waterproof iPhone case will be nearly indispensable. Along with a water-resistant earphone adapter, you can also take your Smartphone to the bath.

Secondly, select a case that provides an unhindered view of the monitor. The cover needs to additionally be clear sufficient for the video camera to work through. The superior clearness of the monitor exhibit and the video camera should not be compromised by a low-grade case.

At last, pick a case that suits your style and aesthetic preference. Appearances need to ideally take a lesser priority when compared with safety. At the same time, you want not jeopardize on looks given that there are an amount of situations that deliver premium security in addition to stylish appearances.

Jul 31

Things you have to learn about the iPad 3

The New iPad was offered in March 2012, and instead of the prepared for iPad3, Apple has actually chosen to name this most current iPad – “The New iPad” or “3rd generation iPad” rather.

So exactly what is brand-new on this third-generation iPad? Right here is a thorough break-down of this new tablet home computer.

Outside, the new iPad looks as well as it feels and it is the same as the generation before. The latest one is 0.03 inches thicker as well as 0.11 pounds heavier than the previous generation. The rise in measurements as well as weight is really not noticeable.

Regarding the display, I can say that this new tablet computer utilized Apple’s most recent technology of Retina display. This is the same technology featured on the current iPhone4s. Retina display delivers an extremely impressive high resolution of 2048 x 1536. This convert over 301 million pixels amount to at the same 9.7 inches (diagonal) display dimension as in the past, for a solidity of 264 pixels every inch. The brand-new show provides 44 percent far better color scheme saturation than the display on the last generation.

When it comes to the camera system, the iPad2 was provided with a substandard 2MP camera system. The brand-new one furnishes a greater 5MP (2592 by 1936 pixels) iSight camera, which offers auto-exposure, auto-focus, auto-face-detection, auto-exposure lock, auto-focus lock, and also low-light noise decline. The video performance is also upgraded from 720p resolution to 1080p. This is the same setup located on the iPhone4.

Another difference is regarding the processor chip because a new dual-core A5x processor chip is presently the heart of the New iPad. Apple declares this A5x’s processor is 4x faster than numerous contending tablet desktop computers.

Last, but not least, we have to say something about expenses, because everybody wants to know that. The present model offers the very same cost points as the previous style. The WI-FI only 16GB is $ 499, 32GB is $ 599 and 64GB is $ 699, the WI-FI + 4G styles will be 16GB is $ 629, 32GB for $ 729 and also 64GB for $ 829.